• Flor Tanit

How to make your perfect home office

As we all now, this past year has changed the way we interact with others, the way we study and of course, the way we work.

A space at home where we can spend 8 hours of Zoom Meetings has become most important! But how do we make this place comfortable and pretty?

1. Good chair: Since we spent most of the time sitting, you would think that it would be the obvious first step, but unfortunately it is not always like this. Sometimes (and I speak for myself here) we chose aesthetic over comfort. I loved how my white chair looked with my desk, but after years of sitting in a bad position I invested in a better, ergonomic chair and I do not regret it. Plus side: I think it looks greaaat!

2. A nice lamp: if you are working until the sun sets, you should have a desk lamp. We don’t need to strain our eyes even more!

3. Something that makes you happy: you know when you are staring at your computer but thinking nothing? well, a small distraction at your desk that makes you smile will make a big difference in those unmotivated work days. In my case, is a Harry Potter funko and a small mannequin. As insignificant as it seems, playing with them really does help me when I am stuck and with no motivation or inspiration.

4. Decoration items : we want our space to be inviting, right? So let’s make it pretty. Put on a picture, a vase or a small sculpture that makes your working space not only functional but stylish!

5. Something alive: and by this I mean a plant. You can have a fish if you want, but I would go for plants! Plants give us peace and they look great! (a little bit of green never hurt nobody)

6. Storage space: depending on your needs, some storage space will do wonders for you, it could be pencil holders or folders for your papers or a drawer unit, etc. Having a tidy desk will help you to give order to your day. I am personally still working on this since I am a chaos queen (ask my husband if you don’t believe me)

I hope you got some ideas to use in your home! I would love to hear what it is that makes your home office space special!


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